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Enterprise Holdings, Inc. is a private holding company headquartered in the Clayton suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It is the parent company of car rental companies Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental,[2] Alamo Rent a Car, and Enterprise CarShare. The holding company was formed in 2009 as a result of Enterprise Rent-A-Car's 2007 acquisition of Vanguard Automotive Group, the parent company of National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car. The company sells its used cars through Enterprise Car Sales. It is owned by the Taylor family.

A former employee said this in a review "As a management trainee in Enterprise Holdings, the managers do not care about you or your success within the company unless it benefits them directly. Very little compensation for the demanding environment. No work/life balance".


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CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It's all ok on a branch level only because even branch managers and assistants are treated like numbers by senior management. Hours are never ending and no one even asking you if you're ok to do them. You are simply expected to stay as long as they need you, otherwise you facing unpleasant meetings with senior management. Cons: long hours, terrible management"

Management Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Fourtune 500 company that, without warning, essentially laid off 50% of staff once COVID-19 pandemic started, leaving us to fend for ourselves as far as finding employment. Would not recommend that anyone waste their time working for this company."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work life balance is nonexistent, management is beyond incompetent. 0/10 would not recommend. You will work from sun up to sun down. The phone will ring constantly. Cons: Most things."

Customer service rep (Former Employee) says

"90% of the management had no idea what they were doing, out of hours staff were treated very poorly and left out of all of the team buildings my activities. No chance of advancing in the company. Poor wages for the hours worked, very long hours and no work life balance. Very unorganised, never any cars for customers and constantly driving to other branch’s to swap or get cars. Always trying to double cross each other and no one would take responsibility. Managers always had their favourites. Always promised a pay rise yet it would take months to come through and fall so it was penny’s over minimum wage, very poor considering you worked after hours and were promised extra Cons: Long hours, minimum wage, poor organisation"

Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a major age discriminator. The only thing that matters is the careers of young people. Older workers are relegated to either washing cars or simply driving cars around for little pay."

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. Leadership is not willing to move employees up. Over worked under paid. They don't care about there workers. Enterprise is not a great company like they say. Cons: Many"

Agent/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Good ole boy system at a all time high. Isn't worth it of you don't like favorites or good ole boy system. Management wasnt supportive and they definitely use a caste system."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful everyday, senior management will leave the branches to deal with the problem on its own. Lots of pep talk and pumps, but not much support. Department heads only care for their profit and let the branches deal with all the headaches and issues. Cons: Long long hours"

Branch Rental Manager (Former Employee) says

"I truly believed early on that ERAC would be the last company I worked for. However, as I got into management, I found out there is no work-life balance as I worked from sun up to sun down. I never felt compensated for the amount of work required. Cons: Work-Life Balance, Pay, Management, Culture"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Awful management all the way from the top starting at HR, Controller to branch managers. Lots of incompetent people in higher up positions due to favouritism."

Assistant Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Skills hardly count you could be at the top of the matrix months in a row yet u get overlooked because you don't blindly follow every single order given to you. If you are short of cars.. good luck you are on your own and will be told to figure it out yourself. Ever since top management changed couple of years ago loyalty does not count only thing that matters that you work with a skeleton crew.in old mouldy run down offices work in excess of.12.hrs sometimes 7 days in a.week and make money for the company so senior managers can get promoted and move out of Alberta. Cons: You will be washing cars in the same suit"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stay away, they will take your life hostage and ruin your work life balance."

MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism runs high in this company, basically, if you’re willing to step over your colleagues you’d be appreciated. No work life balance whatsoever, pay is garbage compared to the qualifications required for this job. High turnover because most employees use this as a stepping stone, not recommended if you’re a POC, your opinion wouldn't matter! If you’re a new graduate, save yourself, find a better job! Cons: Work life balance, unfair practices, high stress, bs team goals, all about numbers without a care for employees"

Interim Assistant Manager, Enterprise (Current Employee) says

"This is definitely not a career you want to stay in if you really have a passion for and are good at sales. Sense covid there have been many lay offs and furloughs and those of us still working just have to pick up the slack operating branches 2-3 people short while making the same money. Required 50 hour work week which isn’t horrible as far as the hours are concerned it’s just what they cram into the overworked underpaid hours dealing with a genuinely horrible customer base and having to be 110% on it problem solving all day and management being basically in call 24/7. Was a tolerable job before covid but sense is miserable. Do not work here."

Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend working here it's a paycheck and that's it on any given day you could be terminated for any given reason they used covid-19 to get rid of all their higher pain managers and employeespop Cons: No support no they expect you to work miracles with the items that you have"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don’t let them fool you that this is the “dream job right out of college”. Unless you want to be highly overworked and highly underpaid, don’t work for them. Cons: Poor Work life balance, micro management, unrealistic sales goals, poor leadership, etc."

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Want to work for a company where you start your mornings worrying about cars for strangers? Want to work for a place where you hardly get a lunch or eating lunch and attending to customers at the same time? Then this is the place for you!!!! Aside the low pay and not considering the degree you have, you are made to work like a slave and management is only concerned about how much sales you make and how 'tight' you run. My advice; walk out like I did and you will thank yourself for it. Cons: Hardly leaves room for lunch, extremely long hours, you are a corporate driver/car detailer, no work-life balance"

Management Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No help, no rental cars, feed employees booze. I would rather wander the streets homeless than work for them. They are abusive, manipulative and worthless. Stay Away"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Please do not take this job if you are a good person. They will work your tirelessly and then when you need a day off for appointments they do not provide that. If you are sick they will make you feel terrible for calling out. If you get hurt at work they shrug you off to figure out how to get help on your own. Management is all about money, this is not so much of a management development company but more of a money motivated. Every level of management will stress you out on a daily basis just because they make sure there are no cars to rent because that is how they make the most money. I do not know anyone in the company that is living the 6 years 6 figures dream, most leave far before that for jobs that pay way more. And when COVID hit, they lowered people on to totem pole and lowered their pay. Meanwhile, the company was given government money to keep employees on but could not manage that. The job security they tell you that you will have, is not there when disaster strikes. They will tell you they did not lay anyone off in 2008, a lie. They will probably try to tell you they did not lay anyone off during COVID...lies. Cons: No breaks, stress, No work life balance at all, they do not care about anything but making sure lots are empty at night."

MG says

"So I've used Enterprise all over the world and until now the service has been outstanding. However having recently had a courtesy van from the Stockton branch my opinion has changed… the van we had developed an oil leak within a few days for the rental beginning and unfortunately oil leaked onto my customers driveway wand caused damage, my customer quite rightly expected us to clean the driveway, which we did. Enterprise would not take any responsibility for this, the branch was slow to respond to emails and then just stopped. Head office did not reply to any emails at all! It cost us £150 to have the customers driveway cleaned, Enterprise made over £3,000 on the van rental over three months and still refuse to help. Your service sucks! I'll never use Enterprise again :-("

Tracey Maxwell says

"Foley, Al Enterprise has the worst customer service. They also make you wait for the car you reserved and do not give you the car you reserved. Be careful, because the manager will add all the additional unnecessary insurance, so they can get more points and look good. Avoid this scam car rental company."

Westley Stone says

"Bracknell Enterprise Please avoid at all costs. Very deceitful, removed money from my acount with out consent and no warning. The vehicle was left outside my home for 7 days over Xmas, I was not notified of any forwarding charges as there client is RAC not me. I have been treated unfairly and disrespectful misleading relationships with mangers whom where aware I was not responsible for the hire of any sort. PLEASE READ THESE REVIEWS!! If I had read these I would refused the vehicle on delivery!! Incompetent!!!"

ricky everson says

"They call and say they have a car for you when you get there there’s nothing on the lot The worst company I ever dealt with I do not recommend these people to the devil please go somewhere else and rent a car .... do not waste your time at enterprise"

Chad Underwood says

"Well first off this place is a joke they want all of their money up front but yet I have to wait 4 days for my deposit back that's not even right I will never ever use this car rental again now I have to wait for my money and be stuck and have tosleep In homeless shelter this is BS but yet they want their money upfront I bet they would not let me use a car and I say well you will get your money in 4 days at the least 2 days it depends on the bank that's a joke do not use this place there is places that do accept cash but it cost more but yet I'd pay more just to have the comfort of knowing that once I return the car I get my money back but yet if you read the fine print it clearly states once the vehicle is returned you will be able to use your funds that was deposited so don't make you think that you would have your money back the same day false advertising I'm looking into a lawyer so don't use them unless you want to be out of a few hundred bucks and don't mind waiting a week for your money because you could end up like me or worse!!"

Renee Bishop says

"Unbelievable ...A lady hit rental car (not my fault)..keeping in mind I DO work 2nd shift..not getting off till well after Midnight..Someone calls my daughter and me at 8:00am wanting MY insurance policy number (which is MY Vehicle) I stated I would call them back later in day.He stated there were ASHES In rental vehicle and I would not be allowed to rent from them again..BULL did not Smoke in rental and No ASHES were in rental..Nothing about cigarette or ODOR just ASHES...Tell the truth..I didn't rush out and get my insurance policy # at 8am....I would NOT suggest renting ANY vehicle from ENTERPRISE..😠"

ArmyNavyVeteran ArmyNavyVetera says

"Nightmare I have a confirmed reservation for a Van that I booked through Enterprise rent a car website. I was unaware that Enterprise would have two locations. Rent a Truck and Rent a Car. I made the reservation on Rent a Car. So This morning a friend dropped me off at the agency. I was then referred to the Rent a Truck Agency "Couple of block away." They were busy with other customers, but verified my reservation and directed me to walk down the street. So I walked not 2 Blocks, it's 2.1 Miles away. After my brisk walk I arrived at the Truck rental yard. Only to find, No Van. Couldn't the Rent a Car have told me before my truck? Rent a Truck, claimed to have called about my reservation but didn't leave a message nor did they email me the fact that they didn't have a van. I booked and confirmed via email, cancelation should also include an email. Rent a Truck made no concession to resolve the problem. I then recalled my friend to pick me up and take me back to the Rent a Car agency. I wanted to let them know of my situation and that it is not a couple of blocks away. Doing my best to remain calm, I explained my situation. In an attempt to help, they were nice enough to rent me a 15 passenger van. I naturally assumed the seats folded forward or could be removed to pack the furniture. I would be late but could still make my appointment. There was an additional charge of $40 For the van. I acquiesced and accepted the additional charge. Upon arriving home to load the furniture, I discovered that the seats don't fold down and the release handles for the last row of seats was missing the handle to remove them. Exasperated by my misfortune, I surrendered to the situation and decided to return the van. Even if the seats came out the additional time required would no longer allow me to make my appointment. Inconveniencing my friend one more time, They followed me back to the agency to return the van. I would just give up on the delivery alltogether & return for a refund. I drove the van less than 8 miles and had it for less than an hour. So just to add icing to the S$%# Sandwich I was eating, I was charged a $25 fee. I have rented many cars from Enterprise and even wrote a review on Google attesting to the great service I had received. Rating them Five Stars. There were multiple junctures, my problem could have been resolved. An Email from Rent A Truck, Prior to my departure this Am. Notification when verifying my reservation at the Rent A Car, that no truck was available. Saving me the 2 mile walk. Offer from Rent a Truck to offer an alternative vehicle. Having knowledge that the seats can't be removed for use as a cargo van. As it was my clear intention was to move furniture rather than people. Failure on such a magnitude, that I was forced to cancel my delivery altogether. Make this right Enterprise. Update: A half hearted phone call was received after I sent this diatribe to Enterprise Corporate. They did ensure me that the $25 Fee would be refunded. (I put in a dispute with my credit card already. So the refund is hardly compensation. No offer to make things right, for my wasted time, No discount on future rentals, No offer of Upgrades. Squat is what I got. I aught to bring a small claims suit for damages! But missing the delivery has already cost me plenty. I rent through Enterprise just a few times a year. They won't feel the loss of my business but I'm telling everyone. Thank You for reading all the way through & avoiding them for your rental needs. I CANT BELIEVE THAT IS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE THEIR WESTERN STATES REGIONAL MANAGER COULD DO. 0"

Mary S says

"Will never rent from them ever again!!! They gave me a car that was malfunctioning and they told me to go to a different location to get another car but then that location didnt have an "equivalent" car so pretty much a waste of time. Then since I couldnt keep driving that car, I decided to cut my vacation short and drop it at another airport which was 2 hours away. In the meantime i was worried they will charge me the drop fee because it was dropping it off at another location but the branch never called me and i called pretty much everyday. Nobody ever helped me. So i went home refused the charge from my credit card and now is going thru a collection agency. I just talked with agency and they finally got a hold of the branch and the branch said that i still have to pay for the rental but they discounted the dropped fee. What?? i was driving thru cliffs and the car wasnt functioning properly but i still had to pay a discounted rate to drop a car to another location because that was my only choice. Are you kidding!! I will just pay the rental fee but never again. Horrible customer service and the branch only gets in touch with me when is convenient."

Dominique Blue says

"Today I visited west ridge rd enterprise, worst customer service I’ve ever recieved, they processed my payment of 653 for a rental and then pulled me from the vehicle and told me I couldn’t rent it because it was a prepaid Visa card, upon arrival I was asked for a debit card, drivers license and utility bill which all was provided, I left without a instant refund and no rental, never ever again, josh was horrible"

Jordi says

"Scammers, understaff returns so you don't have the opportunity to do an in person check in of the car upon return. Then claim two damages, send pictures without damages (!). You send back you pictures from pick-up of the same areas of the car. Even offer to send them the video you did at check out. Radio silence but they have still charged your card. No route left but legal claim... Pay a few $$ more and use Avis or Sixt"

Matthew Gourley says

"This experiences started out great until it came to the insurance and that is when they took advantage of me. As they saw I was paying with a CC the option that my credit card automatically covers the bulk of the cost they said nothing living to me by with holding those truths. Go there if you like being tteat like a mark rather then a person"

Mandy says

"This is for the Salem Dr. location in Owensboro, when I picked up the car they only had one car available a little Chevy Spark which I'm not accustomed to such a small car. The back passenger seatbelt did not work, this was what prompted the review, I called to tell them and I had left an item the smart mouth worker, Nicole, blew past the concern with the seatbelt then would not tell me if they had found my forgotten item, would not answer and said I was more than welcome to come look myself. Very rude, will not be back. Nicole needs some customer service training asap!"

sweet_t says

"Guy at the location in Austin Tx ( research blvd) couldn’t explain to me why or if I would get a fee for 3 extra days added to my reservation if I’m not using it. Why is it even on reservations ???? Like if it’s not being use then it shouldn’t be a charge for it or you get the portion back when car is returned on time. I’ve rented from there before but I guess I never seen it. Its a rip off. The guy got mad and said the only refund you will get back in the deposit and hung up the phone. I cancelled my reservation and will never rent there again... enterprise needs to let him go or they will lose a lot of customers"

Andrei Neagu says

"I have made a reservation for the next day and when I went early in the morning to pick up the car, I was told that they don't have any and that the next available car will be there 4 hours later. I wanted then to get my money back, and I was told to call the call center which I couldn't get in contact with because I don't have a german phone number. After asking my mother to call from her number she was told that it was actually my fault because I should have called before to see if any car is available. The why the hell do you have a website where you get the money from customers and then tell them that they should have called. Another company that doesn't know how to properly use a wesite in order to give proper info and a better customer service. This was the first and last time when I will rent a car from these guys."

Xiomara cuenca says

"I have been renting from enterprise for years and been a member for some time. I made a reservation with a debit card obviously I know the drill utility bills and or a paystub, the part that got me is that they stated you can't rent if your utility bill is past due like what does my utility bill have to do with me renting a car. You will be charging my card for the full amount of the rental. so with that being said I guess they forgot they we are in a pandemic..... This company is straight up a$$h@%& and that's b/s..... I will continue to rent from Zipcar.... TO BAD I COULDN'T GIVE THEM ZERO STARS LIKE THEY DESERVE...."

Lisa Radcliff says

"I would give it a zero if possible. I was charged for a rental for a car i never rented. I had to cancel my debit card. Enterprise refuses to credit me back because they say they did not do it. I talked to a manager and she requested i send her proof of the posting and i did. Still no luck... i wonder how much they would have charged me if i had rented a car...dont ever do business with them"

Scott Rothenbush says

"They suck they only notify you when you post negative comments on a public forum when you email customer care they dont notify you sure is funny"

Lisa Coccoli-Ging says

"Rented a car in Pittsburgh airport over Christmas. Left my sunglasses in the car. Called that day filed a report. They wanted to charge me $34 to have shipped to me! I got a package in 6 days abs they aren’t my glasses!!!! I have called and emailed at least six times can’t get a response customer service very poor. Extremely disappointed. Serve your customers. Send me my glasses please 12/28 lost"

Ana Caticha says

"They will charge you for fuel even if you return the car with full gas tank!"

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